Thursday, February 18, 2010

The real importance of quality precision machining

As the QC manager for CES machine products, I have thought many time about the importance of my position and immense importance that revolves around quality in manufacturing. There are many answers to the question: Why is the quality of our products so important? On the surface, the answer may be that our customers demand it and if we fail to provide them with quality parts, they will quickly turn elsewhere and not look back for a second. This is surely a good enough reason, but after spending nearly 25 years in the industry, it goes much deeper than that.

We as a supplier of precision machine products play an important role in servicing a wide variety of industries that have a profound effect on our society. We make parts that go into the assembly of a variety of devices and machinery that are used to defend our freedom. Imagine being out on the battle field and having the things you count on most, your weapon, your vehicle, or even your jet's ejection mechanism, fail on you. It is our responsibility to these people that drives home the need for perfection.

We also produce complex medical parts that go on wheelchairs and prosthetics as well as parts that are inserted in the human body or used in various mechanisms and devices for bio-medical research. We all have been effected by a tragedy or disease in someway and so we all can understand the immense importance of the need for perfection in this arena.

Each one of us plays an incredibly important role in the success or failure of so many products and therefore we share in the responsibility to those people that count on them. It has a profound effect on your desire to strive perfection, when you realize just how important perfection is......

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  1. Striving for perfection in manufacturing is admirable and desirable. The human factor remains the variable that finally determines the reality.
    Quality Assurance and Control of product rely on the gudelines as set by ISO9001/AS9100 etc. by minimizing the effect of human error.

    I have been employed by companies who have pursued recognized international certifications for quality of products as a last minute resort to attract and keep customers.

    In my experience folks that work in most positions(mfg. or otherwise) are happiest and most productive when they know exactly what is expected of them and how to meet those expectations.
    A robust and hands-on Quality dept. can aid (dramatically in some cases)in accelerating that productivity and job satisfaction.

    I enjoyed reading your blog.. it is a thoughtful consideration of what can be a conundrum between production needs and real world repercussions.
    Dusty Harms